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Practice Areas

Each case has it’s own unique set of circumstances, the information below is meant as a general representation.  The contents of this page should not be construed as legal advice.  Contact us today for your free initial consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case.
If you are contemplating divorce, it is one of the most emotional, traumatic and trying times of your life.  You may find yourself facing an, at times, overwhelming massive amount of decisions to make.  How will we divide the assets we have?  What are premarital assets?  How much, if any, of my spouse’s retirement plan am I entitled to?  How will we divide the marital debt?  Who will keep the marital home?  If my spouse takes the marital home, how can I preserve my credit standing?   Even in situations where both of you agree that a divorce is inevitable and necessary, these issues  and many others, can and often times do become highly contested.  Keep in mind that unlike marriage a divorce IS final.  The decisions and agreements you make now, can affect you financially for years to come.  For instance, what may seem like a small amount of retirement in your mid-30’s --can be a substantial amount at retirement age.

With over 30 years of experience, the Kozma Law Office will advocate for  the most fair, equitable and beneficial settlement possible for you.  We will assist you  through this difficult time by formulating a realistic strategy to achieve a positive end result for you.  We will work with you with one common goal in mind: to complete the divorce process as efficiently and beneficially for you as possible.  We will inform you of your rights, what you’re entitled to, what your obligations to your spouse are as well as what your spouse’s obligations are to you. Contact us today.





Child custody matters can be, and often times are, the most contentious, emotionally draining and difficult of any area of law.  Assuring that you retain an aggressive, knowledgeable, experienced attorney advocating for you, and your child or children, is essential. 

A request for modifications of child custody is determined by specific legal standards, by the court.  One must prove a “substantial” change in circumstances exists before the court will consider uprooting a child or children from the custodial parent.  “Clear and convince g evidence” of the need for modification, in the child’s best interests,  must be presented.  If you are considering requesting a change in custody or you’re facing a “battle” over the custody of your child or children - a confidential, free consultation is essential in determining the appropriate strategy for you.  

Child Custody

Often times potential clients contact us regarding “child custody,” when in reality they are seeking a modification in a current parenting time order.   In other words, a parent simply wants to spend more time with their child or children. 

Kozma Law Office will assist you in seeking a modification of your current parenting time order.   Necessary procedures to modify parenting time are not as complex as those involved in effecting a change of custody.   Contact us to discuss the circumstances surrounding your case.

Parenting Time

Child Custody

There are many situations that require a review of an individual’s child support obligation.  For instance, have you recently lost your job?  Are you currently “underemployed?”    Does your ex- spouse have a new job?  The Kozma Law Office will assist you in determining if a child support review is appropriate.  If so, we will assist you in preparing for and accompany you to the Friend of the Court review hearing.   We will review the Friend of the Court “recommendation” and assure that the  support guidelines have been applied correctly. 



Criminal Law


Attorney Kozma handles all aspects of criminal law from the most serious felonies (for example Criminal Sexual Assault, Larceny, Assault and Battery) to misdemeanor charges such as MIP, possession of marijuana, etc.  

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



Drunk Driving


There are three distinct "levels" of OUI in




The penalties increase with each "level." 


Although we cannot guarantee an outcome, Attorney Kozma is successful in negotiating a reduction in the charges in most cases.  However, every situation is 

different and there are times that it is appropriate and necessary to take a case to trial.  Attorney Kozma is an experienced, confident and successful litigating attorney.  


For informational purposes, the "levels" and maximum penalties for  the offenses of OUI are:


The maximum penalties for the offense of OUI/High BAC (also referred to as "Super Drunk" driving) are:

  • Possible 180 days’ incarceration.

  • Standard fines are increased from a minimum of $200.00 to a minimum of $700.00, plus court costs.

  • License suspension for one year with no operating license available until 45 days have expired.

  • Mandatory use of ignition interlock.

  • Six points on record.

  • Permissive vehicle immobilization.

  • Community service of up to 360 hours.

  • Secretary of State generated “bad driver tax”  -   $1,000.00 each year for two years.

  • Accumulation of seven or more points imposes an additional $100.00 “driver responsibility fee.”


  The maximum penalties for the offense of OUI are:

  • Up to 93 days in jail.

  •  Fines of $100.00 - $500.00 plus court costs.

  •  Six month license suspension; restricted license available after first 30 days.

  • Six points on driver record.

  •  Up to 360 hours community service; and up to two years of district court probation.

  • Secretary of State generated “bad driver tax” – $1,000.00 each year for the next two years.

  •  Accumulation of seven or more points – an additional $100.00 “driver assessment fee.”  

  • Permissive vehicle immobilization up to 180 days.

  • Up to 2 years of probation.


The maximum penalties for the offense of Impaired driving are:

  • A fine of $100.00 - $300.00 plus court costs and/or community service of up to 360 hours.

  • Permissive vehicle immobilization up to 180 days.

  • Restricted license relief immediately available – 90 day restriction period.

  • Four points on record.

  • Standard fines and costs.

  • $500.00 “bad driver tax,” annually for the next two years.