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Mr. Kozma's Profile:

Mr. Kozma grew up in Detroit, MI and graduated from Eastern Michigan University with honors in 1975. 

After graduating with a business degree (bachelor's in Business Administration), Mr. Kozma worked as an insurance adjuster for an out of state company.  In short summary, he resolved insurance claims on homeowner’s and other types of insurance policies.  Interaction with attorneys was relatively frequent if not constant.  Subsequently, he worked as an insurance investigator, conducting investigations regarding fatal automobile accidents and police misconduct, in addition to other interesting subject matters.


Mr. Kozma graduated from the Detroit College of Law, a “hard-knocks” law school then located in downtown Detroit. DCL had an excellent reputation for providing  practical legal educations for those attending. The Detroit College of Law merged with Michigan State University, and unfortunately, the MSU Law School no longer carries any reference to its predecessor, the Detroit College of Law.


Mr. Kozma was able to obtain employment with the UAW, at its headquarters, during a portion of his law school years.  He worked at the Union’s headquarters in downtown Detroit, and worked under high level attorneys who represented the International Union.  He performed legal research for top labor lawyers employed by this organization, some of which possessed national, if not international reputations.  Working for the UAW was an extremely valuable legal experience.


Mr. Kozma graduated from the Detroit College of Law in 1980 in the upper 50% of his class and was admitted to the Bar in December, 1980.



Mr. Kozma along with his young family immigrated to west Michigan in 1982, and initiated what would become the Kozma Law Office, P.C., in the latter part of 1982.  


Mr. Kozma is, basically, a litigator.  He is  comfortable in the courtroom and has handled contentious cases for well over 30 years. He aggressively pursues legal objectives for clients.  Although he may “ruffle feathers” from time to time, he believes that he is well respected, overall, by bench and bar. 


Mr. Kozma litigates almost anything that brings individuals to court, with the exception of medical malpractice, social security cases, and worker’s compensation matters.  That being said, his practice involves an emphasis on criminal defense, domestic relations, and contingent fee cases of varying types.  Mr. Kozma prosecutes no-fault insurance cases, utilizing his background as an insurance claims adjuster/investigator. 


We likewise involve ourselves in other avenues of legal representation, including probate, will contests, juvenile law, and child protection cases.


Throughout his career Mr. Kozma has been involved in a considerable amount of appellate work.  He has orally argued cases on behalf of clients before the Michigan Court of Appeals, in Lansing, Grand Rapids and Traverse City.  

Mr. Kozma has provided legal defense representation to individuals charged with extremely serious felonious misconduct. Criminal sexual conduct, robbery, assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, assault with dangerous weapon, felony firearms, just to name a few.


Mr. Kozma also represent individuals charged with misdemeanors.  This office does a great deal of OWI representation, and we handle a multitude of drug cases.  Essentially, we provide legal defense representation to individuals charged with criminal offenses – no matter the type.


Mr. Kozma has litigated cases in west/central Michigan for well over 30 years, and I will continue to do so into the indefinite future.  He is very well acquainted with the idiosyncrasies and nuances of courts in this vicinity, and is extremely well acquainted with the judges, prosecuting attorneys and assistant prosecuting attorneys who preside in this portion of Michigan. 


A large percentage of our business is generated from referrals from individuals he has represented in the past.  Mr. Kozma has  received numerous correspondences, letters and emails from individuals who have expressed gratitude for the zealous representation he has provided.  As indicated earlier in this dissertation, Mr. Kozma aggressively pursues legal objectives of his clients in courageous fashion.  He may not be well-liked by all judges and attorneys that he comes into contact with.  However, he believes that he has a high level of respect within the legal community.  This, in the long run, is what is important.